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I commonly go by the name LAZIZ. I am a PhD graduate in Linguistics at New York University class of 2011.
My Personal Research Interests are:
  •  The morphosyntax of Grassfields Bantu languages.
  •  Currently, my narrow syntactic interests are the syntax of prepositions and locative expressions, why questions and focus constructions, the right and left peripheries of IP and DP, The syntax of TAM, the syntax of bipartite negations, the Internal syntax of DP and Greenberg's Universal 20 in Shupamem.
  •  Syntax, morpho-syntax. Phonology/syntax interface. Shupamem tone.
  • Phonological, syntactic, historical, and comparative study of Semitic, Bantu, and Romance languages.
  •  Second language acquisition and pedagogy.


New York University
Washington 10, 4th Floor, Office 407
New York, NY 10003
Telephone: (212) 992-8768
Mobile: (917) 517-7165
Email: ncharelaziz@gmail.com
Webpage: homepages.nyu.edu/~aln25
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My publications

2006   Biloa, Edmond & Abdoulaye Laziz Nchare. La grammaire minimaliste de Noam Chomsky. Cameroon University Press...

UN internship


Fall 2011   Teaching assistant for Language Change, NYU Linguistics Department. Professor John Costello...

UN internship


2011   Ph. D in Linguistics, New York University
Dissertation: The Grammar of Shupamem
Committee: Chris Collins (Chair), Richard Kayne, Anna Szabolcsi, Gregory Guy, Ray Dougherty, Jeff Good (SUNY Buffalo).
Defense date: 6-23-2011, Expected filing date: 12-20-2011.
2011   NYU-GSAS Teaching and Learning Program (Certificate II): Supervisor K. Talvacchia....